About Us

Welcome to Barbarian Airsoft, your ultimate destination for all things airsoft! My name is Hasan (callsign "Hungry"), a passionate airsoft player and technician. Barbarian Airsoft is dedicated to delivering exceptional airsoft products and top-notch teching services.


With over a year of immersive airsoft gameplay experience, I've not only embraced the intensity of the sport but also devoted a significant part of my airsoft journey to mastering the art of airsoft teching.


Holding a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and currently pursuing a master's, my academic foundation is built on precision and engineering excellence. This background ensures that every product and service offered by Barbarian Airsoft is grounded in engineering precision, guaranteeing unmatched quality and reliability.


The inception of Barbarian Airsoft stems from a passion for airsoft and a commitment to bringing teching expertise to the airsoft community. Following a career transition after being laid off from Lockheed Martin, where I contributed as an engineer on groundbreaking space programs, I seized the opportunity to channel my skills and passion into something extraordinary. Thus, Barbarian Airsoft was forged, with a mission to elevate the airsoft experience through precision teching and exceptional products.


At Barbarian Airsoft, we take pride in our dedication to customer satisfaction. Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner, our thoughtfully curated selection of airsoft products and personalized teching services cater to all your needs. Recognizing that every player is unique, our goal is to enhance your airsoft journey by providing customized solutions that align with your preferences and playstyle.


Thank you for choosing Barbarian Airsoft as your trusted partner in the world of airsoft. Join us in embracing the wild side of airsoft with precision, expertise, and the untamed spirit of Barbarian Airsoft!




 -Hasan "Hungry" Akpunar

  Owner of Barbarian Airsoft